Preceptorship Events

Mar 2025 03


/20 Spaces Booked:
Booking Closing Date: 2025-02-01 00:00

This session is aimed at Preceptees or people who are new to the organisation.  In the larger venues, such as the IHLT and the DKLT, other staff are more than welcome to attend.


Ensure that the information you complete on the booking form is correct as all sessions are confirmed by email (please do not use Hotmail accounts).

Should you wish to cancel or amend any details please contact the EPD team on ext. 54062 or via email


Spaces are at a premium so it would be appreciated if you let us know if you are no longer able to attend.

Evidence for your Preceptorship pack or revalidation

Please ensure you sign the register at the end of any sessions you attend so that you can receive a certificate of attendance for your preceptorship pack / revalidation.

For evidence of SEPSIS competency completion, download and complete the correct competency pack for your discipline.  The competencies are designed as a five year document.

Year one, competencies will be achieved in your Preceptorship period. Year two to five, a single sheet will be completed by the assessor and candidate incorporating a reflective discussion and self-assessment.

The assessor and candidate are to review and revisit competence in sepsis care each year. Providing both parties are satisfied the competence remains, they must sign off the yearly competence review form and return to the AIP team.

Competencies can only be signed off by sepsis champions. In the event a champion is not available the AIP team will work with you in the clinical environment to assess and guide you through the pack.

It is the responsibility of the candidate, not the assessor to ensure the competencies are met, completed and maintained.